Who can join the program?

College undergraduates or fresh graduates with excellent academic records, strong interest in ICT industry and China, and great enthusiasm for learning;
Have good English language ability; (Preferred but not mandatory) Have a knowledge of ICT basics.

Is the course suitable for me even if I have no technological background?

YES. The mandatory tech courses have been designed for a entry level as an introduction to key technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and AI.
You can also go deeper and join the advanced courses as an option.

How interactions can be ensured during the program?

For one thing, Seeds participants will be divided into groups and have group discussion, debate, round table dialogues and group presentation etc. during the program. For the other thing, participants are also able to
connect with each other through Seeds for the Future LinkedIn group community. Seeds alumni events will be held on a regular basis, such as webinar with tech guru, year end celebration etc.

How do I join the live session?

Ahead of the live session, you will receive the dial in details (Zoom meeting) from our Huawei local crew 1 week before the program starts. Please join 5 minutes before the session starts, and make sure to mute yourself during the lecture.

How do you ensure that my questions will be answered?

If any questions on iLearningX courses, you are encouraged leave your questions to the “Discussion” box under each course or under the homepage. You can also raise your questions to technology teachers during the Q&A session on Day 8.

How do I join the iLearningX online course?

You need to register an account of iLearningX platform after providing necessary registration information, then can access to all tailor-made prerecorded courses. The satisfaction survey is integrated in the platform and is mandatory to fill in. iLearningX platform link will be provided for our participants.

What if I cannot join a live-stream course due to an unforeseen event/emergency? Is there any way to make up for the absence?

All participants are required to attend all live-stream courses in order to graduate. Please notify in advance the Huawei local coordinator to justify the absence – you will then be informed on the make-up activities – including extra courses on iLearningX.