Presenting the first speakers and topics

Here is the announcement of the first speakers for the program local live sessions! Stay tuned for more updates*.
*The agenda and time might change till the program start.

Goran Licanin

is a CDO/Business development manager for 2B and IoT, Huawei.  

Passionate about inspiring people and companies on digital transformation and developing markets by creating new products, services and by building new ecosystems. Using new technologies and business concepts to bring innovations and change mindsets to create new opportunities using technologies like 5G, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, and AI and build business success. Leader and senior executive with international experience in digital transformation and business development. Technical and management background. With working experience for more than 20 years in the industry. Always thinking and acting through four strategic dimensions: organization, people, process and technology.

TopicObjectivesDate & Time
Topic will be revealed soonTo understand the evolving role of ICT in the economy: investigation of the productivity puzzle, the power of ideas and employment impacts of automation. Coming soon

Prof. Dr. Artūras Serackis

is a professor in the Department of Electronic Systems at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU).

Received a Bachelor diploma of Electronics Engineering in 2002, MSc of Electronics Engineering in 2004 and doctor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree in 2008 at VGTU. In 2012 he received an Assoc. Professor title and in 2017 Professor title at VGTU. He was a member of organizing committee in various international conferences, such as “NORCHIP” (2013), “EMD” (2012), “ICDIPC” (2012), “MIKON” (2010), “SPS” (2010). Main research interests include real-time image and signal processing, intelligent systems. Together with coautors he published more than 50 papers in reviewed journals and conference proceedings, a monograph in field of intelligent electronic systems and two textbooks. He successfully finished 9 research and development projects, currently supervising 4 PhD students, and is a senior member of the IEEE and a Chair of IEEE Lithuania Section Signal Processing Society/Computational intelligence Society/Communication Society joint chapter.

TopicObjectivesDate & Time
Pedestrian Detection in Thermal Images Coming soon

Audrius Granickas

is a HMS Business Development and Operation Lead at Huawei Consumer Business Group.

TopicOutlineDate & Time
How to build 3rd largest app store in the world within one year?AppGallery – experience sharing Coming soon

Mika Lauhde

is a Vice-President, Cyber Security & Privacy, Global Public Affairs and Communication, Huawei.  

Mika is in charge of leading public relations team to understand and provide insight for governments Cyber security and Privacy policy, public opinions, technologies and trends. He has an extensive experience with cyber security related topics and governmental institutions both in Europe and USA from over +15 years.
He is a:
*Member of ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) Permanent Stakeholder Group.
*Europol Cyber security and privacy advisor.
*Senior Fellow, Maastricht University, Centre of Data protection and Cyber Security.

TopicOutlineDate & Time
Cyber Security nowadays. Why it’s important?– Welcoming and introduction of the speaker.
– Short introduction to cybersecurity and privacy history.
– Short introduction to cybersecurity and privacy technologies.
– Why cybersecurity and privacy are important: For governments;
For citizens.
– Why Huawei is putting great weight for cybersecurity and privacy.
– How Huawei is contributing for global cybersecurity and privacy work and ecosystem.
– How Huawei is creating trustworthy telecommunication equipment’s: Steps creating telecom equipment’s;
Other future technologies like AI, Quantum computing, BlockChain,..
– Why Cybersecurity and Privacy is not always easy for private companies.
– Huawei’s future vision with cybersecurity and privacy.
Coming soon

Huawei virtual tour

Sneak peak into the company.  

TopicDate & Time
Online Factory tour in Shenzhen ChinaComing soon