huawei seeds for the future 2020 baltics
huawei seeds for the future 2020 baltics

Seeds for the Future Baltic’s 2022

Hi there! Let’s meet…

Are you an undergraduate or master of ICT studies? Looking for something absolutely different and you’re ready for a life-changing experience? Do you notice technical problems easily and you’re searching for opportunities to grow as a person? Have you ever been attracted by the technological rise of Asia and ever wondered how to get practical experience working for a dynamic global business?

If most of the answers to these questions is “yes”, Huawei wants to hear from you.

Huawei Baltic countries unite for the program and we are glad to offer undergraduates or master’s study students of technology/science-related disciplines the opportunity to join Seeds for the Future program!

8 days Huawei experience program from 31st of October to 7th of November 2022.

Welcome to Huawei

Now it’s our turn to introduce…

Seeds for the Future: is a global initiative that has been successfully operating since 2008, has been implemented in 130 countries and regions worldwide and the program has benefited over 8,774 students from more than 500 top universities worldwide.

  • 2008
    First launched in Thailand
  • 130
    Countries & regions
  • 500+
    Top universities worldwide
  • 120+
    Endorsement from heads of state and government
  • 12.000
    had benefited from the program

This program aims to develop skilled, local ICT talent and bridge communication between countries and cultures. By sharing our ICT expertise and experiences in the global business environment, young people from different countries can learn about advanced technologies in the ICT industry and accumulate ICT expertise and skills through the Seeds for the Future program, contributing to the progress of the global ICT industry.

What’s new in 2022?

Explore the core of Technologies

Building bridges between different knowledge helps us to create a better understanding of an interest in the AI, electronics, telecommunications, engineering, computer, and technological science sector, and improve and encourage regional building and participation in the digital community.

This is an amazing opportunity to get to know China culture and to experience Huawei’s dynamic global business, and of course not to mention an invaluable addition to any CV when looking for a job after graduation.

Discover China culture

So… What are you waiting for?

If you seek to create unique value for local communities, enhance relationships, meet new people, learn, communicate and explore… There is so much waiting ahead of you.

If you’re excited already, don’t hesitate and check the project timeline and register today!

Let’s continue building a Better Connected World Together!

Project timeline

  • 26.09.2022

    Start the registration

    3 weeks for submitting the required files and win the best online experience of your life!

  • 17.10.2022

    Summing the results

    Need to calculate the scores!

  • 20.10.2022


    Results announcement of the best selected.

  • 31.10.2022

    Opening Ceremony

    Start of the program.

  • 31.10-07.11.2022

    Learning and exploring!

    Get a touch to the core of the technology.

Exploration lights the way forward